Debt Crisis

We owe about 16 million dollars . And it keeps riding up (about 4 million per day). The citizens of the US have to pay taxes to lower the dept. Although the debt keeps raising the more we have to pay. 

My older brother.24. is going to have to pay taxes like my parents. Soon enough i would have to. If we dont lower it the more i would have to pay, as well as my brother, and my younger brother. Whatever happens now, 5 years from now will effect me and my family. 

The nation is slowly falling into a debt we will never be able to pay. Having to ask for help. Whatever happens will effect us all.

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Little things

Honestly nothing ever bothers me, expect Charlie. Usually I don’t care about what you say or do about me, but this boy needs help!!he will text me all the time telling me how much their life is better without me. Honestly I’m happy for him but I don’t need to know everything. He finds someone new. But don’t get mad at me when I find someone that’s way better then you!

Don’t you hate when someone texts you after weeks and weeks of not talking? That’s all Charlie ever does. And not to just say hey but to tell me about his life, I don’t care. What we have is not a friendship, its nothing close. Also he is one of those boys who think everything will come so easily. Well sorry to break it too you, but in life you have to work. Nothing will come to you when you snap.

Honestly I don’t know how him and I were friends. He wants to play with my feelings when I play with his. You can’t tell me who I am. You think you know me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved him, you were a good friend but the day you got all stuck up, I left. He didn’t want me too. I left the past maybe he should have too. Maybe it’s too hard to move on. But I’m not there to help him anymore, I’m truly sorry for you.

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word vomit

When you talk to some smarter dont you use really big words you nearly know? Just to seem smarter. well you use that too when you write, i know i do. (haha) The way you type/talk can change the way people is you. when you say you are sick you add effect to sound more sick.. *coughcough* Or when you are super hungry you rub your tummy. 


when you type you want someone to keep reading, so you add “effects”. ” the night and day dance, a slow dance, two lovers never meant to be”  You want the reader to want more of what you write. you wouldnt write something bad and expect others to enjoy it.

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media potral on engery drinks

Medical experts demand energy drink makers stop marketing to kids

Monster,red bull,5hour energy: Cody Cifani drank his engery drink before going to his job but felt light headed. All because of the monster drink, drinking it gives you health problems and can cause death.

This story took me a bit to find, it wasn’t on the front page of the website but on the tab of health and life. You might ask “why did you pick to read this and write about i?’ well so many of my friends drink this like if it was water, while im drink my cold water. As a teenager Monster seems really cool to drink but have you ever taken the time to read the health concerns. Its alot.Plus its nasty to drink, for me. it does nothing for you but kill you. Instead of drink 20 Monsters and almost dying, drink some good old water or apple juice. We need to know this because Monster is so(ooooo) bad for you, and noone cares.

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The favorites, part 2: comics

The Sound of Sci-fi

First things first — I missed a day of posting. And while this matters to no one other than myself, I still want to apologize. I won’t always be updating every day, but I want to try as hard as possible when things in my life are as calm as they are. Regardless, as penance, today everyone gets a POST X3 COMBO. I figured doubling up would make up for the missed day, but then that just puts me back on track and I haven’t actually done anything to make up for it. So, three posts today, full-length, no random links to things I’ve already done.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s get back to the focus of this post — comics. Sorry to disappoint, though, if you thought I’d be talking about traditional, American comics. While I love the Marvel (and DC too, I…

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historical events..

Publick Occurances,1690, the first newspaper in the Americas. This event happened so long ago but its still so important as the day it was created. why? because it gave setters information about the war going on between England and America. Without it  the people back then would have no idea what was happening over the seas as well as who has dead. 

1st telegraph, 1844,this might me the old way of texting but back then it was a great way to get information. It gave journalism better information for the new papers the next day. Like a first hand view on things.

Pentagon papers,1970, lets fast forward abit, this was classified documents released by information and printed out in the new york times. now this is important  it told us what is happening in the government. that we as people didn’t even know. 

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john with starbucks


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Aradia pen doodle


Gamzee pen doodle


Ballpoint pen doodles

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pls do not



How I imagine their relationship. 

oh my god

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