since i wasnt given a topic ill write whatever i want.

not long ago i was given an assessment to write a list of things i hate. It was very easy to finish. Why? because at this wonderful age we start to hate everything, mostly the little things. We see how annoying someone can be when they click their pen or when little kids cry. We didnt want to be the “depressed” teenagers we are. We grew up. And inside we dont want to, we want to be that little kid crying for a lolly. But we have to face the facts we are old, and we arent kids anymore. Maybe we hate what we dont find funny any more, or things we cant do anymore.

another topic? okay? okay!

have you ever heard a song and you feel everything? well i have.  Say something by great big world, a song about a couple having to break up, or at least i think it is. WIth the piano and the great vocals, i slowly melt. my ears have the best time of their little life.

just take a bit of your life to hear this song.

topic #3


I’ve been asked a lot about what i want to do after high school. i used to want to become a writer but as you can see im not very good.  Im great in science, i might want to be a biologist. major in biology and minor in journalism. Not the best idea but for now its a dream i take. Hopefully i will continue in this great journey. 

i believe i am done (=8w8=) beiii

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