the N-word

” This is about the world my 3-year-old is going to live in.” Indeed, it is about the world all our children will inherit. African Americans are not walled off from that world, cannot commit this sin of self-denigration in our little corner of existence and command everyone else to ignore it or pretend it doesn’t matter.” -Leonard Pitts 

These are the words that convinced me that the N-word isn’t a good slur. It leaves a sour taste in your mouth. The term is offense of to African Americans, even if its say in a playful manner. If a young child has to grow up being called such names, although having nothing to do with it. When they cant tell the other person to stop.  Although there can be more hurtful terms we need to start somewhere so we can stop the racism in all. I do believe that Leonard Pitts is right, such terms should never be used.

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One Response to the N-word

  1. I agree with you. All mean ful words should stop and it should start now cause there are more deaths because of these choice of words.

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