Little things

Honestly nothing ever bothers me, expect Charlie. Usually I don’t care about what you say or do about me, but this boy needs help!!he will text me all the time telling me how much their life is better without me. Honestly I’m happy for him but I don’t need to know everything. He finds someone new. But don’t get mad at me when I find someone that’s way better then you!

Don’t you hate when someone texts you after weeks and weeks of not talking? That’s all Charlie ever does. And not to just say hey but to tell me about his life, I don’t care. What we have is not a friendship, its nothing close. Also he is one of those boys who think everything will come so easily. Well sorry to break it too you, but in life you have to work. Nothing will come to you when you snap.

Honestly I don’t know how him and I were friends. He wants to play with my feelings when I play with his. You can’t tell me who I am. You think you know me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved him, you were a good friend but the day you got all stuck up, I left. He didn’t want me too. I left the past maybe he should have too. Maybe it’s too hard to move on. But I’m not there to help him anymore, I’m truly sorry for you.

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