media potral on engery drinks

Medical experts demand energy drink makers stop marketing to kids

Monster,red bull,5hour energy: Cody Cifani drank his engery drink before going to his job but felt light headed. All because of the monster drink, drinking it gives you health problems and can cause death.

This story took me a bit to find, it wasn’t on the front page of the website but on the tab of health and life. You might ask “why did you pick to read this and write about i?’ well so many of my friends drink this like if it was water, while im drink my cold water. As a teenager Monster seems really cool to drink but have you ever taken the time to read the health concerns. Its alot.Plus its nasty to drink, for me. it does nothing for you but kill you. Instead of drink 20 Monsters and almost dying, drink some good old water or apple juice. We need to know this because Monster is so(ooooo) bad for you, and noone cares.

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