Single moment in my life because this happened I became Homestuck


My first step on getting my life consumed, by fictional characters.

I started to read this web comic written by Andrew Hussie. Once I started I couldn’t stop, they are so many pages and persterlogs. Some people would stop, but I couldn’t. I created a bond with people that weren’t even real.  I need them to go by day by day.  After months and months of reading, I entered the fandom. The fandom was like a big old family. You feel welcomed. I started a few blogs; I met tons of people, couple cosplay (dressing up as the character you wish) role-play.  Homestuck has shown me to be myself, when I do anything.


Although the story is in 3rd person, its easy to read. Every character is different, like us, they have their problems. I understand that this is kiddy but I enjoy it and I’m happy.  I love having the bonds with the charterers, its like they are real.  Meeting new people that love everything you do.


I love Homestuck. Every character, the cosplay, the art, the bond every homestuck( name of the fan) has with another one. Its like you are never alone. Even if you feel like it, you can always get on your blog and ask for help. 

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