” The marks humans leave are too often scars” – fault in out stars

What i believe the meaning is…… we try to leave marks on the world for people to remember us. John green is saying we leave scars, on ourself, With every mistake we have we harm ourself. Although i haven’t dealt with this in a very long time i understand the pain people who do. Tons of my friends leave scars on them self but marks on me. “They say they aren’t special because the world doesn’t know about them but thats insult to me because i know about them” ( fault in our stars) I wish people could see they don’t need to leave their mark on the world, because they leave it on me. Their kindness, their hope, their sadness. All of it.


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since i wasnt given a topic ill write whatever i want.

not long ago i was given an assessment to write a list of things i hate. It was very easy to finish. Why? because at this wonderful age we start to hate everything, mostly the little things. We see how annoying someone can be when they click their pen or when little kids cry. We didnt want to be the “depressed” teenagers we are. We grew up. And inside we dont want to, we want to be that little kid crying for a lolly. But we have to face the facts we are old, and we arent kids anymore. Maybe we hate what we dont find funny any more, or things we cant do anymore.

another topic? okay? okay!

have you ever heard a song and you feel everything? well i have.  Say something by great big world, a song about a couple having to break up, or at least i think it is. WIth the piano and the great vocals, i slowly melt. my ears have the best time of their little life.

just take a bit of your life to hear this song.

topic #3


I’ve been asked a lot about what i want to do after high school. i used to want to become a writer but as you can see im not very good.  Im great in science, i might want to be a biologist. major in biology and minor in journalism. Not the best idea but for now its a dream i take. Hopefully i will continue in this great journey. 

i believe i am done (=8w8=) beiii

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what i really want for Christmas

my family always asks me what my heart desire for the holidays. The number one thing my heart greatly joyously desires is nothing. Thats it.

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teen dwi case

If i was Ethan Couch, a rich kid, and i killed 4 people,while being high. And for a fact i knew i did it. I would rather got to jail then an all paid,perfect rehab. It would be better to go to rehab but if i were him and i know i killed 4 people for no reason JAIL! I killed( if i were him) people because i was so dumb. 16 year-old,2 years away from 18. jail,jail,jail. I admitted it i killed them.

I think he should have gone to jail not a great rehab. He still did it, he knows he did. It doesnt matter if he was high. He should pay for what he did. 

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the N-word

” This is about the world my 3-year-old is going to live in.” Indeed, it is about the world all our children will inherit. African Americans are not walled off from that world, cannot commit this sin of self-denigration in our little corner of existence and command everyone else to ignore it or pretend it doesn’t matter.” -Leonard Pitts 

These are the words that convinced me that the N-word isn’t a good slur. It leaves a sour taste in your mouth. The term is offense of to African Americans, even if its say in a playful manner. If a young child has to grow up being called such names, although having nothing to do with it. When they cant tell the other person to stop.  Although there can be more hurtful terms we need to start somewhere so we can stop the racism in all. I do believe that Leonard Pitts is right, such terms should never be used.

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All i was ever told about this day was president JFK was shot.

I think its time to move on, i understand weeping over him still but its been 50 years. It happened  its over. We should always remember

him but its 50 years later and most children dont know anything about it. 

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snowfall response

“It was not unlike being cartwheeled in a relentlessly crashing wave. But snow does not recede. It swallows its victims. It does not spit them out.”

“Saugstad was mummified. She was on her back, her head pointed downhill. Her goggles were off. Her nose ring had been ripped away. She felt the crushing weight of snow on her chest. She could not move her legs. One boot still had a ski attached to it. She could not lift her head because it was locked into the ice.”

“Snow filled her mouth. She caromed off things she never saw, tumbling through a cluttered canyon like a steel marble falling through pins in a pachinko machine.”

John branch shows so much imagery through out the whole story but i chose these 3 because it makes you feel like you are there with her, trapped under all that snow, tumbling down.

The research he must have done. Think about it, hours and hours of interviewing people, looking at maps, talking to the locals. asking very on point questions.

The group, which is 16 people, 14 boys and 2 girls. Branch gives a small description of them. Like where they work and who they are with. He also explains who everyone was with.

To get people to know that it is an unsafe trail, to be on. Even if you are with other people.

1)”She had no control of her body as she tumbled downhill. She did not know up from down. It was not unlike being cartwheeled in a relentlessly crashing wave. But snow does not recede. It swallows its victims. It does not spit them out.”

The way it is worded makes you feel like you are there, feeling it with her.

2)”:There was no blood, but he didn’t have his helmet on, he didn’t have his backpack on, his jacket was pulled over his head,” Carlson said. “He had some scrapes on his belly. And just pulling him out of the snow you could feel it and see it”

He gives you an image of the body.

3)“Her feet were into the snow and her head was downhill, but I saw two pink gloves and her face,” Peikert said.”

4)“I found his back first,” Peikert said. “His head was really bent under. I tried to dig a hole through his armpit, to his head, thinking I might be able to get his face turned to give him C.P.R. There was blood. His chin was split open. His helmet was pushed back onto the back of his head and was filled with snow. One leg was off in a weird position, like he had a broken femur or hip or something. I finally got him out. He was cold. Blue.”

5)”His skis off, Pankey climbed onto the debris pile, too.He saw the ski pole and two gloves. He was sucker-punched by dread.”

6)“I saw Jim Jack’s face,” Carlson said. “Eyes open, just staring at me. We could see he wasn’t breathing. Ron started giving him breaths and I was searching for his body, underneath his chest. I was like, ‘What the hell is going on?’ There was no body where you’d expect a body to be. And then I started digging around, and I could see he was folded up into this ball. His feet were above his head.”

7)“I pulled his arm upright, and it was just really soft,” Carlson added. “It was like pulling a wet towel. Pulled the other arm and it was the same feeling. And I pulled his legs out, and there was nothing connected to anything. It was completely crushed.”

8)”She did not know how long she had been frozen there — head pointed downhill, hands sticking out of the snow, face poking through the ice just enough to breathe and see the breaking clouds trailing the weekend’s storm.”


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after the sky fell response

the writing style is different then what we learned. It has an emotional,Which makes me want to go hug that old man. Although it is a featured story it`s a short. and simple one.  Its not a story about a famous actor , its about just a 71-year old man. No different than you and i.

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I read this story, it was heart-wrenching to read. I wish it wasn’t real but it is.

the way it is written shows you the girl point of view, the details, making you feel like you were there. the writer must have worked so hard. Getting all the details for this one story. The hours he must have spent making this. my respect. Every word in this story is a fact, the truth,sad truth.

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i went to the store to buy things for my cosplay. As i went to pay this lady in front of me started to count her change. One coin at a time for about 20 minutes. i looked over to the line next to me and it was also full. I had no where to go but to wait here for the lady to finish counting her change. One penny at a time.

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